November 2020

It's almost here! Homebody is about to drop and you can SAVE THE DATE!  November 27th, 2020!


August 2020


Health challenges once again. My intention is to make peace with everything.  I request you see me in perfect physical well being.

Hopefully, I will be picking up my guitar soon and finish a few songs.

I also got my iRig to plug into my laptop and will perform and online live concert! That is something to look forward to. I have some new jokes too!

Any contributions into my and venmo:@HarrietRiendeau accounts will go towards hiring the studio and musicians!



April 25th 2020 Covid-19 Update

We are home earlier than planned, healthy and safe. We wish well being for you and your families. 

I have a new logo that represents my love of singing and traveling. It was a co-creation with Graphic Design by Jodi.  She partnered with Palapa Mac Radio to help musicians by designing banners, logos and digital tip jar design.  I have the logo and eager for the banner she makes. 

I was invited to join an online Facebook group called Quarantine Concerts Worldwide. I plan to perform as soon as I get the hang of Facebook live. I will buy a microphone plug in but they are all back ordered. 

Now that I have learned how to use Paypal and Venmo, I will add that to my website and facebook page. Wish me luck. 

Any tips I receive are going to pay some  musicians, who do this for a living, to lay tracks on my new songs. Tips are sexy!

October 2019 

We enjoy meeting new people here in Key West. Shortly after we arrived I learned that Brian Fields, of B-Man and mi-Shell Band, has been promoting my Walkin' Pickin' Ploggers song. He is also one of a few people who inspired the song, along with a Sigsbee Shuffler and DeeDee Green, coordinator of Key West Recycles and Plogging The Keys. 2019-2020 SNOW BIRD KEY WEST

He told me DeeDee had asked him to write a jingle for the Ploggers and he said, "Sweet Harriet already wrote a song about it"!  

Gary Whitney, The Sound Man from Hell, has been promoting me on the radio too! The XKeyWest! 104.9. Thanks to you all!

Plogging is a welcoming group for anyone inspired to exercise and pick up trash, meet new people and get to know the streets a little better! All are welcome!

Inspiration to write is endless and I enjoy every moment of it.  Being in the Florida Keys over the holiday season inspired my original Christmas song.

Cayo Hueso Christmas Archipelago is personal because I met some amazing people doing great things for the community at the Old Stone Coffee House in Key West. 

Cayo Hueso is Spanish for Key West. Archipelago means a group of islands.

It was released October 11, 2019 and you can download it on:

or, you can download it on your favorite music provider.

Walkin' Pickin' Ploggers is a two-step country song about the people who get together to exercise and pick up trash. It's called Plogging! This Scandinavian initiative is becoming a world wide movement. Inspiration for the song came from seeing military snow-birds in Key West and residents of The Conch Nation walkin' pickin', walkin' pickin', walkin' pickin'!

Also, I released a lovely new album 'Sweet Harriet Instrumentals' with 29 tracks.