August 2020


Health challenges once again. My intention is to make peace with everything.  I request you see me in perfect physical well being.

Hopefully, I will be picking up my guitar soon and finish a few songs.

I also got my iRig to plug into my laptop and will perform and online live concert! That is something to look forward to. I have some new jokes too!

Any contributions into my and venmo:@HarrietRiendeau accounts will go towards hiring the studio and musicians!



April 25th 2020 Covid-19 Update

We are home earlier than planned, healthy and safe. We wish well being for you and your families. 

I have a new logo that represents my love of singing and traveling. It was a co-creation with Graphic Design by Jodi.  She partnered with Palapa Mac Radio to help musicians by designing banners, logos and digital tip jar design.  I have the logo and eager for the banner she makes. 

I was invited to join an online Facebook group called Quarantine Concerts Worldwide. I plan to perform as soon as I get the hang of Facebook live. I will buy a microphone plug in but they are all back ordered. 

Now that I have learned how to use Paypal and Venmo, I will add that to my website and facebook page. Wish me luck. 

Any tips I receive are going to pay some  musicians, who do this for a living, to lay tracks on my new songs. Tips are sexy!

October 2019 

We enjoy meeting new people here in Key West. Shortly after we arrived I learned that Brian Fields, of B-Man and mi-Shell Band, has been promoting my Walkin' Pickin' Ploggers song. He is also one of a few people who inspired the song, along with a Sigsbee Shuffler and DeeDee Green, coordinator of Key West Recycles and Plogging The Keys. 2019-2020 SNOW BIRD KEY WEST

He told me DeeDee had asked him to write a jingle for the Ploggers and he said, "Sweet Harriet already wrote a song about it"!  

Gary Whitney, The Sound Man from Hell, has been promoting me on the radio too! The XKeyWest! 104.9. Thanks to you all!

Plogging is a welcoming group for anyone inspired to exercise and pick up trash, meet new people and get to know the streets a little better! All are welcome!

Inspiration to write is endless and I enjoy every moment of it.  Being in the Florida Keys over the holiday season inspired my original Christmas song.

Cayo Hueso Christmas Archipelago is personal because I met some amazing people doing great things for the community at the Old Stone Coffee House in Key West. 

Cayo Hueso is Spanish for Key West. Archipelago means a group of islands.

It was released October 11, 2019 and you can download it on:

or, you can download it on your favorite music provider.

Walkin' Pickin' Ploggers is a two-step country song about the people who get together to exercise and pick up trash. It's called Plogging! This Scandinavian initiative is becoming a world wide movement. Inspiration for the song came from seeing military snow-birds in Key West and residents of The Conch Nation walkin' pickin', walkin' pickin', walkin' pickin'!

Also, I released a lovely new album 'Sweet Harriet Instrumentals' with 29 tracks.