Sweet Harriet


Sweet Harriet is a native New Hampshire based singer song writer. Her 'ah-ha' moment in music came years after losing her health and career (in active duty military health care). She began singing to improve lung volume and have more fun. Her music and lyrics are multi-genre including acoustic folk, Americana, country, classic rock, and blue-grass. Her performances are interactive and lively.

Before Fame

She took a few banjo lessons in the 1980's because it was fun. Fast forward, 2006, wanting fun and to improve health, went for a banjo lesson and got voice coaching instead. She went to sell the banjo, instead bought a guitar (a three quarter Baby Taylor), learned a couple basic chords, showed up to local jam sessions at a candy store, quickly bonding with other musicians, got invited to join a few bands, started getting paid gigs (hey, a dollar and a few coins is...fun) performing live local festivals, farmers markets, fundraisers, campgrounds, nursing homes, churches, funerals and weddings, and years of monthly Sunday Morning Firefighter Relief Association Fire House Breakfasts.

Then, off to the studio! Having fun and eager for more with over 55 song releases, her second album, Thanks For Stopping By, got her a contract with The Discovery Channel via Broadjam. This album is playful and uses vintage instrumentation and is based on her family, friends and life experiences.

Influences and Current Events

Everyone she meets and everywhere she goes becomes an influence.....you might be in a song.

Becoming a snow-bird fueled the lyrics of her latest TropRock release, Cayo Hueso Christmas Archipelago. It released October 11, 2019. Maybe Christmas of 2020 it will be played on radio stations world wide....starting with radio A1A, Tiki Man Radio and The Sound Man From Hell...Gary. xKeyWest.

Next up, an original country/blue grass tune you can dance the two-step! It's about the people who exercise and pick up trash. This is a world wide movement and it is called Plogging! PLogging the Keys is a radio show in Key West on 104.9 FM. They play this song a lot. She played it live in the XKeyWest Studio!



Harriet Riendeau: lead vocals, rhythm, banjo (Won't Be Me Blues, Won't Be Me reprise, Condiment Casualties), lead guitar (on Danger Cow), keyboard, cymbals, what ever odd instrument laying around the studio.

Brian F. Murphy: Mandola, mandolin, lead and rhythm guitar, harmony vocals, duets, backup vocals, banjo, harmonica, bass, lap steel, keyboards and most arrangement.  (Have we missed any?)

Mike A. Clark: percussion, shakers, drums, bass, cajon and all the mixing, mastering and engineering and two rare vocals appearances. (Because he so shy)

Guest Musicians and Contributors:  (Listed alphabetically)

Amber Caldwell: photography

Billy "Billy Boy: May:  accordion (the real squeeze box)

Corey Walden: fiddle (Long Time Gone/Fisherman's Blues)

Fred Fowler: fiddle, backup vocals (Feeling A Rhythm album)

Gardner Murphy: lead guitar, keyboard, spoken word (Won't Be Me Blues)

Jack O'Brian: banjo (The Cog Railway)

Jeane McEwan: photography (Feeling A Rhythm album)

Jeff Harrinton: drums (Danger Cow)

Joanie DiPalma: backup vocals and harmony (Hallelujah)

Micah Blake: keyboard (Callipygian Teacher)

Mike Clark Jr: lead guitar, drums, keyboard (pretty much anything we ask him to do)

Tracey Hanlon: photography and album design (Thanks For Stopping By; No Strangers Here Volumes 1 - 5)

Valerie Morelli: backup vocals and harmony (Hallelujah)

Walt Leach: lead guitar (Feeling A Rhythm Album)