Sweet Harriet Riendeau


MARCH 2019

Hello to the folks here and listening at home!

We're back on the road adventuring in Central Florida!

There are many New England transplants here and we've been catching up, talking about the old days and meeting new family members, aka their grandkids!

We met up with more Sigsbee Shufflers from Key West too!  There was a lonley guitar sitting in the corner of a rental house. It came with the house! I finally got to use the app on my phone GuitarTuna and play and sing a bit! That was fun to sit on the porch with them and watch the birds while I sang!

I am happy to reconnect with a classmate who saw a video of me singing at the Artisan Market and booked a gig at his new restaurent. It's called Sliders. Guess what they serve? LOL. Looking forward to that in August! It will be outdoors and hopefully, warm enough for me!

The outdoor farmers markets will start in June. I love playing these! Stop by and say hi!