Sweet Harriet Riendeau


Harriet Riendeau

Harriet Riendeau is a New Hampshire native who enjoys singing, writing songs, leading sing-a-longs, traveling and playing where ever she lands.  Her first two albums are available at shows and on line; the next four EP volumes are online (stay tuned for physical production).

No Strangers Here, Volume 4, is Harriet's sixth album! Produced by and featuring Harriet Riendeau, Brian F. Murphy and Mike Clark.  Like the other volumes in this series, it is authentic Americana that puts you in the frame of mind to sing a long.  This acoustic collection of cover songs remains true to Harriet's love of singing and is rich in vintage instrumentation.  These contain what makes music feel so good, as Brian says, music played by people.  They meander through genres of classic rock, pop, folk, bluegrass, country, classical and patriotic.

New to singing, writing, playing and performing in 2006, she quickly bonded with other musicians over their shared love of classic rock, country, folk and bluegrass.  Harriet began playing with other bands which led to performing live in local festivals, fundraisers, nursing homes, tractor shows, fire stations, churches, funerals, weddings and campgrounds!  

The album Thanks For Stopping By was reviewed by Jon Delange, President of Tinderbox Music, accepted and contracted by The Discovery Channel!


Harriet Riendeau: lead vocals, rhythm, banjo (Won't Be Me Blues, Won't Be Me reprise, Condiment Casualties), lead guitar (on Danger Cow), keyboard, cymbals, what ever odd instrument laying around the studio.

Brian Murphy: Mandola, mandolin, lead and rhythm guitar, harmony vocals, duets, backup vocals, banjo, harmonica, bass, lap steel, keyboards and most arrangement.  (Have we missed any?)

Mike Clark: percussion, shakers, drums, bass, cajon and all the mixing, mastering and engineering and two rare vocals appearances. (Because he so shy)

Guest Musicians and Contributors:  (Listed alphabetically)

Billy "Billy Boy: May:  accordion (the real squeeze box)

Corey Walden: fiddle (Long Time Gone/Fisherman's Blues)

Fred Fowler: fiddle, backup vocals (Feeling A Rhythm album)

Gardner Murphy: lead guitar, keyboard, spoken word (Won't Be Me Blues)

Jack O'Brian: banjo (The Cog Railway)

Jeane McEwan: photography (Feeling A Rhythm album)

Jeff Harrinton: drums (Danger Cow)

Joanie DiPalma: backup vocals and harmony (Hallelujah)

Micah Blake: keyboard (Callipygian Teacher)

Mike Clark Jr: lead guitar, drums, keyboard (pretty much anything we ask him to do)

Tracey Hanlon: photography and album design (Thanks For Stopping By; No Strangers Here Volumes 1 - 5)

Valerie Morelli: backup vocals and harmony (Hallelujah)

Walt Leach: lead guitar and photography(Feeling A Rhythm Album)

Amber Caldwell: photography